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The history of the Pays d'Ancenis will take you along  in the footsteps of the ancient castles of Oudon and Ancenis .


The medieval castle of Oudon

Perched on its rocky outcrop, its imposing tower overlooks the Loire ...


The castle of Ancenis

One  fortified castle  built in  984  on the banks of the Loire in the town of Ancenis, in  Loire Atlantique.


The Pont d'Ancenis

The Ancenis bridge , or Bretagne-Anjou bridge, or Anjou-Bretagne bridge, is a  suspension bridge, over the Loire.


The Pays d'Ancenis is crossed by the Loire à Vélo route.


Dimensions: 35 x 24 cm

Made and designed in France in Orléans

Wood: Hevea

Pays d'Ancenis - large aperitif board